When reading through financial articles, one often feels overwhelmed with the accounting metrics, financial ratios, value metrics, and mostly, boredom. A wise investor once told me that the “geniuses” in the market turn everything into models to give themselves confidence through numbers. It also creates a nice presentation for their wealthy clients to sift through and feel justified about the institution they entrusted their money with. Well, you are not going to find vague truth hidden behind complexity here. This blog is about investing in companies, which are ideas run by groups of people. And those people list a part of their business on the stock exchange. No more, no less. The market is made up of people just like you, filled with companies created and managed by someone like you. I take a bottoms-up approach when investing, and try to focus on the big picure. You have to ponder the world around you at length to be a competent investor, and sometimes it can be hard to formulate those thoughts and ideas. My goal is to discuss companies and their future prospects, to look at human psychology and its impact on financial markets, and to examine developments and current trends in the world. I want to help you, the reader and investor, think and act better, at the game of investing. You can expect straightforward writing that can be understood and read quickly. Reading about finance can be the dullest of things. Let us make learning and reading an exciting path towards financial freedom.

Thanks for visiting the blog. 

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