If You Hate Working You Should Hate Spending.

According to a 2017 Gallop Poll, 85% of working professionals said they hated their job. You heard me right, they hate their job. The easy answer is “go find a job you like.” Well, for better or for worse, the American career path is pretty compartmentalized. College does not teach you how to think and conduct a happy and successful life. You major in a specific task that society finds valuable enough to pay you for, and you go and do that thing. Those who decide to invest in themselves by starting a business, becoming a writer, musician, painter, or are self-taught in their feild, face enormous financial risk (in the short term.) So, how can you dodge the 9 to 5 soul crusher and still financially support yourself as you pursue what you want to do?

It’s simple, don’t spend what little you have. 

Unfortunately, it’s not easy. Your friends will feed you any excuse to get you to join them for a fun night out. You might feel like indulging on gifts and dinners for your significant other. The cost of living continues to increase as a large number of young people bounce from one low paying job to the next (with a college degree). You were not taught at school how the Federal Reserve works, or how you can passively invest in the stock market and compound your savings. You were told to follow instructions, get good grades, and then go follow more instructions at your corporate job that you hate, but need to survive. Life is starting to pass you by, and you want out of the rat race.

You are going to need to be disciplined and start living well below your means. Understand that spending money wont bring you happiness. Money allows you to ignore bullsh*t and be independent. Is it an intrinsic problem that you have to somewhat buy your independence in a free country? We’ll save that question for a later blog post. But as long as you live on planet Earth, you are going to have to understand how money works in order to have a shot at not becoming a systematic slave. 

It has never been easier to waste money or time; welcome to the internet. But it has also never been easier to educate yourself. One can easily watch videos, read articles, and understand what the stock market is. Make it a goal to understand micro and macro economics. Look into interest rates and the federal reserve. Ever wonder why the Wall Street guys are so wealthy while creating largely nothing of importance for society? Exactly…

You did everything right. You got the “degree” and you got the “job”. You are self-sufficient and everything looks fine on the outside. But you know, and I know, that’s bullsh*t.

Go educate yourself. 

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